The Springboard Mastermind

Leverage the last 2 years into an Accelerator Plan to Grow Your Business

Wednesday 3rd August

8am - 10am AEDT

Don’t Miss This 2 Hour Workshop, where we'll take the lessons of the last 2 years and Create a Springboard to Catapult your Business, even if You feel You're Too Busy Right Now!

Wednesday 3rd August

8am - 10am AEDT

In this workshop, we'll identify the shifts in these 3 areas that will force your business to grow:

  • Move from Chaos to Control by taking back control of your time.
  • Build a Growth Platform to maximise profitability, even with record inflation.
  • Leverage into the Big Game of Business where you'll see real impact.

Why You Must Attend This Event...

The last 2 years have created havoc in the economy, with some business booming while others go bust...

If there is one lesson from this volatile economy, it's that change is not only inevitable, but where many entrepreneurs make their fortunes.


Because rather than battening down the hatches, they go out looking for opportunities to grow. This is your chance to take the lessons of the last 2 years and create a springboard for your business to leap into the next stage of growth.

Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Learn...

  1. How to maintain motivation and be excited about growing your business every single day
  2. How to quickly get clarity on what you need to focus on to see growth in your business
  3. How to eliminate the time wasters and make sure you are 100% productive
  4. How to create customer loyalty that will increase retention and create more referrals
  5. The simple marketing formula that will make you want to double your ad spend
  6. The importance of systems to manage your teams performance
  7. How to establish the critical numbers that will drive your growth
  8. How to maximise profitability without maximising workload
  9. The little tricks to attract high calibre team members
  10. How to create synergy so your team builds itself

Who is This Event For?

  1. The frustrated business owners that’s looking for clarity and answers.
  2. The entrepreneur who knows they have so much more to give.
  3. The business owner that is stuck having to manage everything and just can’t find the right people.
  4. The business owner that is just too busy and can’t find enough time in the day to get things done.
  5. The long standing business owner that feels like they're stuck on a treadmill running with not end in sight.
  6. The professional that is looking for a way to scale their business beyond themselves.
  7. The entrepreneur that is sick and tired of the ups and downs of of being self-employed.
  8. The person that knows they should be working ON the business, but doesn’t know where to start.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to figure all this out on your own. You will end up wasting too much of your valuable time and losing your hard-earned money. The growth strategies that you need to fast track your growth can be easily implemented if you know where to focus your energy and get the right advice.

Come and spend 2 hours with me online and let me show you how you can successfully build your business with less stress, and less energy. Its FREE

This is a one-off event streamed live around the world.



Melinda Kaye - Blush Creative

I attend the online event and I am so glad it did. I gained insights into how to navigate my business in the current situation as well as the importance of having a business plan and a 90-day short term strategy. This was exactly what I needed at the moment. I highly recommend it as a must see event for any business owner, regardless of what industry they’re in or how long they have been in business.


Vivienne Armstrong - CEO at MDI Coaching

After attending the on-line workshop I immediately began putting in place the tips I picked up whilst looking at the bigger picture in a new way. It felt like the curtains had been opened and I could see what lay behind.


Adrian Trimboli - Fresh Start Advisory

David is a true master in his field. Anyone thinking about joining one of these webinars for the price that it was - it was absolutely worth it. Be sure to take notes. Such an informative and personalised group meeting.


Jo Hatcliffe - Local Guide

Recently attended an online session, from which I came away with some great insights and practical tips for adapting/revising a business plan in the current (Covid) climate. The delivery of the session by David Guest was very professional, peppered with candour, real life business experiences and relatable examples. The session also gave an opportunity for networking amongst the participants, and provided you with tools and resource links to use and action in your business. I would highly recommend attending a session.

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